Graffiti/Mural Portfolio


Metro Construction Sydhavnen

Title: Metro Construction Sydhavnen
Copenhagen, Denmark
Description: The autumnal queen of construction! Watching over the huge Metro build in Copenhagen. Commissioned as part of the Cool Construction project where, in true Danish-forward-thinking-style they are covering their hoarding in graffiti and I was chosen as the first artist for this section.

Bleed the Walls 2018

Location: Houston, Texas, USA
Description: Hosted by ARTillery Houston, I decided to challenge myself by painting a water and portrait piece. I really enjoyed painting this as it allowed me to play with colour, texture, light and surfaces. An amazing weekend surrounded by 40+ other graffiti writers in the suburbs of Houston!


Rise Distillery Mural

Location: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Description: A bold female presence looking over the Miracle mile on the to-be Rise Distillery - I used the copper / bronze from the distilling equipment along with the Arizonan cactus plants combined with barley, wheat and raw ingredients for the liquors. A wonderful project put together by Phoenix Mural Project.

Veteran Rescue Mission

Location: Tucson, Arizona, USA
Description: A floral, sweet and natural piece for the outdoor letterbox shaped utilities area. Working in a make-shift and rural environment I wanted to create an eye catching and thought provoking piece with a backdrop that emanates classic floral wall paper but also complimenting the outdoor surroundings.

Belle Starr Salon

Location: Tucson, Arizona, USA
Shipping Container
Description: A nature inspired piece for hairdressers and creative independent salon in Tucson. The design needed to incorporate the features from the existing environment - the plants, cactus and leaves in the yard. The peaceful female character is subtle and calming, but colourful as a backdrop for the salon’s photoshoots!

Ajo Fitness

Location: Ajo, Arizona, USA
Description: Piece designed to incorporate the brand colours and identity whilst creating an inspiring and energising atmosphere for crossfit/weight lifting activities. Bold triangular colours with greyscale weights, tyre and a huge snarling lion character!



Writerz Blok

Location: San Diego, California, USA
Description: Paint Jam at Writerz Blok  alongside some of the city’s notorious writers. A dark, tribal-floral character created in 4 hours as part of the first event of the season.

The Vortex

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Description: Collaboration with LA’s finest - VyalOne in DownTown LA in the Arts District. This piece was a play around with colour, a half and half red/blue character with absolutely no black, only dark blue and red tones.




Location: Richmond, California, USA
Description: Collaboration wall in Richmond California alongside VyalOne and Skul in a community area which was undergoing development using graffiti and murals to rejuvenate  and bring colour to the site. We tied in our colours using a spooky halloween scheme!

Bushwick Babe

Location: Brooklyn, New York, USA
Description: A private mural painted with acrylic paints and brushes. Female character with cacti plants and a gothic edge!



Barracuda Tavern

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Description: A huge thank you to Barracuda Tavern in downtown Boston who let me paint a giant Barracuda for them on the front of their building. Freehand colourful, realistic but still funky fish hanging out East Coast!

Graffiti Alley

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Description: Quick throw up in the infamous Graffiti Alley in Cambridge - this grey scale piece took a couple of hours on a rainy September morning and has been titled the longest running piece at Graffiti Alley - having stood almost untouched (apart from someone added orange to compliment their own piece!) for 2 months!


Wilks Restaurant

Location: Bristol, UK
Description: I was approached by street art enthusiast Christine, the owner of Michelin starred restaurant Wilks. They wanted to switch up the norm of fine-dining; They wanted a main focus and for guests to be able to come in and remember it. Christine said that the traditional fine dining environment is evolving: “A fine dining restaurant can absolutely have its own style. We love street art. So why shouldn’t we have street art in our restaurant?” I created a large underwater landscape with pink coral to compliment the flowers in the entrance area of the restaurant with a large hump back whale floating across the space.

LNER Westgate Station

Location: Wakefield, UK
Description: I was commissioned to paint the skyline of the big smoke for Wakefield Westgate’s railway station as part of the high speed rail route from London to the north. The piece included the brand colours and some of the iconic buildings from the capital.



Tah Tien

Location: York, UK
Full Fit-Out
Description: Murals for the Thai Street Food restaurant Tah Tien. I was briefed to create a mural for the inside space with a temple, road sign, street food cart, traditional fictional character and a large female portrait. In addition, I painted a night scene of some tuk-tuk trucks in the WCs and some patterning on the service bar.

Nass Festival

Location: Bath & West Show Ground, UK
Description: A reggae, dub themed character for the VIP Area at NASS Festival 2018.



Rødberg Tunnel

Location: Rødberg, Norway
Tunnel Walkway
Description: I painted an entire tunnel in the beautiful village of Rødberg - one half of the tunnel I painted red with autumnal leaves, red squirrel and jays with a feature portrait of a girl with antlers! The other half of the tunnel in blues with a fish, magpie, mountains and another feature portrait of a girl with feathers in her hair and a traditional local symbol.


Location: York, UK
Description: I designed a mural representing the Cybex brand to be painted on one of their stockists’ stores in the Monks Cross retail area in York. The design I came up with was liked so much it’s been chose to be used in store and potentially for future stockists’ walls too! (Watch this space!).



Rødberg Skole

Location: Rødberg, Norway
Entire Tunnel plus winged entrances.
Description: After the first mural in the Rødberg tunnel, the local school asked if we could paint the tunnel leading into the school reception area. Myself and Grace Kress painted the designs drawn by the school children onto templates we had provided. I painted two warrior kids, a boy and a girl - a hint at the idea of school being a tribe of young warriors! Grace painted the signage for the school on both ends of the tunnel arches.


Location: Athens, Greece
Description: Quick piece in the rain in Athens - a modern day version of the Goddess of wisdom - Athena, complete with olive branch and owl wings surrounded her.


Future Music Forum, Estrella Damm

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Description: Hired to spray paint live at the Future Music Forum event hosted at the Estrella Damm Factory in central Barcelona. The design was based on the future technologies of music and it’s listeners. The large canvas was painted live over two days using water-based aerosols so the attendees of the conference could see the process from start to finish.

Ajo Arizona Mural Project

Location: Ajo, AZ
Description: A crowdfunded project which sent me to an abandoned mining town in the heart of the Sonoran Desert, only 40km from the Mexican Border. The idea of the project was to start a dialogue through art in such a significant place, at such a significant time. Ajo is situated at the crossroads of three nations - America, Mexico and the Native American land of the Tohono O’odham Nation. The female character represents a peaceful Mexican lady, wearing a large ornate head-dress as a nod to the natives. She is based on a bright orange or copper circle, a reference to the town’s mining history but also the burning Arizona sunsets.


Glastonbury Stage

Location: Glastonbury Festival
2 x 77 m2
Description: Since 2014 I have been hired to create one of the main stages in Silver Hayes, at Glastonbury Festival (153,000 attendees). The work includes a spray painted mural for both sides of stage panels for The Pussy Parlure Stage, 25m mural for back of seating area, artwork panels, bar signage and shipping container artwork for The Blues Stage and The Gully.

St. Aelred’s Primary School

Location: York, UK
Description: I was commissioned to paint a giant wall in the school playground. The brief was to create a magical rainforest with the input of the Year 6 class. I hosted a “Monster Workshop” where each student created a monster which would be hidden in the rainforest. I then hand painted the mural using aerosol paints incorporating the creatures as I went. Painted in 2.5 days in the rain!



Barrio Loco

Location: Boomtown Fair, UK
Description: After painting the stage and set at Glastonbury Festival, I was hired by the same design team to spray paint a large section of the Barrio Loco area at Boomtown Fair festival near Winchester. The area had a circus-meets-Mexico theme and I created a large mural of a female with a rose in her hair, her hair then flowing around and covering the whole side of the structure, including a tunnel way and around the corner!

Babaganoush Catering

Location: York, UK
Description: Commissioned by Babaganoush Events Caterer to decorate their new premises with their logo. The design was based on the existing branding of the company, with the logo incorporating ingredients and a bold colour palette. I was briefed to add my own twist on the design and brighten up the white, serious unit to give clients who visited the unit for meetings something to remember!



Calendar Club

Location: Bristol, UK
Description: Commissioned by Where The Wall in collaboration with Calendar Club UK for the ’12 Street Artists of Bristol Calendar.’ Brief to paint something that represented the month of February whilst being in keeping and recognisable as a Hazard piece. I used Valentine’s Day (hearts and roses) the birth flower Violet and birth stone Amethyst as the colour scheme. The painting of the piece was documented and later released by Where The Wall and the exclusive calendar then published later.

Bronx Wash

Location: Tucson, AZ
Description: Organised by Tucson Arts Brigade after I was invited to talk at the Monsoon Art Collective. The mural represents some of the stunning Arizonan wildlife in the characters hair including the Gila monster, rattlesnake, javelina and feathers of the vermillion flycatcher. Painted in the 45C heat!




Location: York, UK
Description: Commissioned by Spark:York - the city’s innovative Box Park project to create a large mural as the centrepiece for the community area space. The mural was designed through community workshops  alongside The Princes Trust and Kyra Womens Project. The mural included elements of York that residents deemed special such as the Solar System on the cycle track, the weeping willows on the Foss, the bar walls and much more!


Location: Bristol, UK
Description: For Europe’s largest free street art festival (2017) I created a large warrior woman piece - aerosols only, in an afternoon.




Location: Toulouse, France
Description: An elegant character - inspired by the smoothness of the french Art Nouveau curls and embellishments. Painted alongside a very peaceful and quiet canal which I tried to reflect in her expression.

Evil Eye Lounge

Location: York, UK
Description: York’s most prestigious cocktail bar invited me to paint a mural in their smoking area which is overlooked by the Minster. I have since been briefed to spray paint other areas of the business including the front of the bar, the coffee tables for the private function room, window paintings and a giant ornate UV mural for the shop area and the tunnel way!



Artwaves Festival

Location: Bridlington, UK
Description: Hired by East Yorkshire Council for several consecutive years to facilitate urban art workshops with young people, classes with the local primary schools and drop-in sessions over the festival weekend. I co-ordinated a 150metre paint jam with myself and some of the UK’s finest graffiti artists.  

The Nook Cafe

Location: York, UK
Description: An autumnal and peaceful design flowing down the side of the cafe’s wall. The Nook is a cosy and quirky small venue who briefed me to brighten up the room whilst keeping the relaxed atmosphere.


Punta Coyote

Location: Puerto Peñasco, Mexico
Description: On an adventure that took me across the American border and down into Mexico, I was invited to a sustainable retreat that was being created on the beach of the Sea of Cortez called ‘Punta Coyote’. The magnificent scenery of the beach, shells and the sea inspired me to paint a mermaid-like character on the walls of an outdoor shower area on the side of the building.

University of the West of England

Location: Bristol, UK
Small Building Exterior
Description: The brief was to subtly beautify a concrete block on the Glenside UWE campus. They wanted the piece to stand out as my own whilst also blending the building into it’s leafy, lush surroundings. I created a deep, forest mural that extended into leaves and foliage that made up the peaceful female characters hair.



University of Liverpool

Location: Liverpool, UK
3 rooms
Description: Commissioned by Liverpool University to create three large murals in the Students Union Venue. The brief was open and I painted three characters - a large female character with hair flowing all the way down and along the entrance corridor of the venue, a female character in the Women’s toilets and a male Native Warrior character in the Men’s toilets.


Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Description: A quick piece painted on a short trip to Amsterdam with my best friend. The two golden characters represent the two of us reunited, as we lived in different countries…



Zoo Skatepark

Location: York, UK
Initially commissioned to paint a mural as a backdrop for the indoor skate space at the top of the skate ramp. The mural had a jungle and ‘zoo’ theme using animal prints in the characters hair and brightening up the dark wall. I was then hired a year or so later to paint the exterior of the building by a local church group. They wanted the walls to be representative of the Rock Church of York and welcoming to everyone. I designed an alternative twist on the traditional praying hands image, covering them in tattoos!

Wylde Interior Architecture

Location: Bristol, UK
I was commissioned by Wylde IA to interpret their bird logo into a graffiti piece that they would then install as an artwork board in their studio. I used their existing brand colour scheme and added intricate patterns and foliage into the design. The artwork is now a centrepiece in their client meeting area at their studio in Bristol.



The Lighthorseman

Location: York, UK
As part of an exhibition launch in my hometown of York I was invited to paint live at an event at The Lighthorseman Pub on a wall that would be permanently visible to the public. I decide to create a mural that represented several elements of the history in York - Viking helmet, ‘Hazard’ in Viking runes, the Yorkshire white rose in her hair and even a railway track as a nod to the National Railway Museum. I used a colour scheme that complimented the brick wall as its background too.

SodaBerry Press

Location: Barcelona, Spain
I was asked to paint a mural by Media group SodaBerry Press who wanted to film and document the process alongside an interview. We chose a free wall in the industrial area of Poble Nou. The piece was filmed from beginning to end with an interview discussing my background, thoughts on females in street art and techniques!


Up-Cycling & Private Mural Project

Location: Aberdeen, UK
I was commissioned to spray paint a colourful mural in the back yard of my client’s home in Aberdeen. The mural was brightly coloured and a celebration of all things LGBT! As part of the same commission I up-cycled several items of their furniture including a coffee table, a double bed frame and a chest of drawers all with bespoke illustrated designs over a gradient background painted with spray paint.

Snug Bar, Stokes Croft

Location: Bristol, UK
Snug Bar had newly opened in Bristol’s most vibrant arts quarter - Stokes Croft. I was initially commissioned by the bar to spray paint a large mural on their rooftop which over looked the main street. They then hired me to decorated the entire smoking area at the back of the venue. The space was whitewashed and my brief was to transform the area into a ‘secret garden’, I designed some delicate plants and flowers that I would arrange around the walls in a William-Morris-meets-deep-jungle sort of fashion!




Location: Barcelona, Spain
Size: Rooftop Terrace
Description: A commission for some dear friends to brighten up their roof terrace. The terrace was home to many plants and so the brief was to compliment them whilst bringing splashes of colour to the space. I designed some magical secret garden plants, reminiscent of tattoos, and spray painted directly onto the existed terrace wall.

Katie Sky

Location: Bristol, UK
Size: Carriageworks Arch
A collaboration of creativity! Katie contacted me after I hosted a graffiti workshop at SisterWorks in Bristol and told me about her music along with her latest album. She had already had the album artwork designed and printed, the image was an illustrated side profile of her with her iconic blue hair, surrounded by flowers and crystals. She asked me to paint the artwork in my own style on the notorious Carriageworks arches on Stokes Croft. It was a really long running piece!